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Project Coordinator's Statement

Could it really be possible that the, now ubiquitous, iPhone was introduced only seven years ago? What did we do before we were all so “smart”? Exhibiting artist Tony DeMartile has offered his iPhone portraits as a fundraiser for Emeryville Celebration of the Arts on opening night … I don’t own a smart phone but I’m game and with a smile!

I’m still humbled and grateful for the sustained generosity of our Board and Operating Committee. Volunteer Coordinators Linda Boyd, Frances Gaston and Pam Mendelsohn, even with a 40% increase in the number of artists this year, have kept all volunteer activities running smoothly. Reception Coordinators Albert Repola, Laura Anderson, Jean Goldman and Kurt Brinkman have a great evening in store for us all. Kava Massih, Gwen Souza and Dan Carlevaro step up wherever needed, as do our other Operating Committee members. In addition to many behind-the-scenes skills, Linda Boyd programs our website and handles so many details … thank you, thank you.

Lighting candles to secure an exhibition space wasn’t quite enough to do the job this year but longstanding relationships came through in the eleventh hour! An enormous thank you to Wareham Development’s Rich Robbins for the donation of our exhibition space at Heritage Square and to Wareham’s Geoffrey Sears, Judy Wetterer and Danielle Spencer. Thank you too to my down-to-the wire site-scouting partner John Flores.

Curator Kathleen Hanna has such skill in weaving together the work of over a hundred artists into a beautiful exhibition and she is a thoughtful, persuasive advocate for our artists well beyond October. Publicist Genevieve Antaky works energetically to tell our art story in the Bay Area. This year finds the exhibition showcasing poetry and dance in addition to the visual arts and graphic designer Suzanne Anderson has found a strong, playful and colorful way to commemorate this special year. Thank you to all of you for the many skills you bring to our exhibition. I love working with you!

Thank you to our City Council for continued and strengthened city support for the exhibition this year with additional thanks to Charlie Bryant, Sara Billing, Amber Evans and Michael Biddle for efforts in our site search.

Please enjoy the 28th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition and the creative spirit of our city. We have great things in store for the coming year … keep an eye out for another arts “fieldtrip” in 2015 and stay in touch with us at

Sharon Wilchar

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