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Curator's Statement

Witnessing the surprise and delight of my fellow jurors as they discovered the wealth of artistic talent that exists in Emeryville, I revisited my reaction of four years ago during my first round of studio visits

As I become familiar with the work of many of the Emeryville artists, I am fascinated with the movement and progress of their explorations. In addition, I have the pleasure of meeting new talents. It was heartening this year to see the work of twenty-seven artists who have joined the community for the first time. Their work will add another dimension to an already varied collection. There is a huge network that comes together to celebrate the arts in Emeryville. The exhibition is the culmination of months of planning. it exists because of the generous donations of money, time and materials from every sector. It is truly a community event that reflects the talent, intelligence and energy of this tiny village in the heart of the east bay sprawl.

Many thanks to my fellow jurors Anthony Torres and Donna Seager who lent their careful attention and professional knowledge to the task of selecting a well rounded and representative exhibition. I am also grateful for the efforts of the many faithful volunteers who are the foundation of the organization that has been so ably led for 28 years by Sharon Wilchar. Of course, the accolades go to this immense community of artists whose artwork makes the Emeryville Celebration of the Arts an important bay area event.

For 28 years the organization has led a gypsy existence never knowing until the last moment where our tents will be pitched. I hope that one day Emeryville will have a permanent art center to house not only this exhibition but year round classes, workshops, and events for the entire community.

Kathleen Hanna



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