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Thank Yous

It has been a challenging year for the arts in California but Emeryville Celebration of the Arts has made it past its quarter century mark encouraged by the loyal support of our community and our city. Thank you to every resident, business and civic leader who, this spring, publicly acknowledged and supported the important contributions the arts are making in Emeryville. “Save Emeryville Art” – you did!

As always, much heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of time, spirit and skills that our Board and Operating Committee bring to the Art Exhibition each year. Volunteer Coordinators Linda Boyd, Frances Gaston and Pam Mendelsohn – you are the best! Reception Coordinators Jean Goldman, Albert Repola and Kurt Brinkman, well, you are the best too! Add to this Dan McNevin tenaciously scouting out an exhibition space each year, Dena Justice at the helm of command central on opening night and Dan Carlevaro, Gwen Souza, Kava Massih and Elyse Klaidman pitching in whenever and wherever needed. Additionally, my personal heroine, Linda Boyd, deftly programs our beautiful website and works behind the scenes in ways too numerous to list here. Not on the committee but integral to the finished product; Marella Pedersen in the office, Shane Clabaugh working his magic on the phone to reception donors and Jim Golden on the road to gather those donations for opening night. We are venturing into new territory this year with increased marketing efforts coordinated by Jean Goldman, Albert Repola and Frances Gaston and exploring ways to strengthen our viability, developing a year-round presence and engagement in the community.

Kathleen Hanna’s curatorial expertise speaks for itself as you navigate this large exhibition of diverse media and styles and her extensive experience with artists, arts organizations and volunteers is invaluable. Publicist Genevieve Antaky keeps us visible in the busy October Bay Area arts’ scene and now guides us into the world of social media. Graphic designer Suzanne Anderson has given us color and vibrancy this year, brightening up the fall fog with, among other things, street banners, posters, mailings and a memorable catalog. Thank you to each of you.

Additional thanks to Naomi Ellis and the entire board and patrons of Allegro Ballroom for selecting the arts in Emeryville as the focus of their annual fundraiser. And to Emeryville Center for the Arts, our fiscal sponsor this year, thank you to John Flores, Dan Carlevaro and Erina Atkins-Hadad for their cooperation, time and guidance.

A special thank you this year to our City Council who, faced with many difficult decisions and choices, continued their long-standing support of the arts and arts education. And to Patrick O’Keeffe, Helen Bean, Mike Biddle, Mike Mahoney, Margaret O’Brien and Catherine Firpo of the City of Emeryville – thank you for 5890 Christie Avenue and all it entailed.

From all those mentioned here, including our one hundred plus volunteers and our consistently responsive and generous business community, this dedication, in the end, adds up to a banner year for the arts in Emeryville and, as you view this year’s show, I hope you’ll see why.

Sharon Wilchar
Project Coordinator