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DeMerritt - Jennings

John DeMerritt
Binders’ board, machine made paper,
Japanese paper, 2019, 21"x27"x10"

Jim Dennis
digital photograph on canvas, 2017, 36"x24"

Richard Elliott
Under Glow
hand dyed hog gut (sausage casings), 2018, 39.5"x15.5"x.5"

Jaclyn Feakins
acrylic on canvas, 2018, 36"x48"x1"

Mark P. Fisher
The King
papier mache, with ceramic/polymer eyes, 2018, 48"x27"x21"

Kat Forget
Off Duty
photograph/archival digital print, 2018, 16"x20"

John Friedman
Spanish Forks Canyon, Utah #2
archival digital photograph, 2019, 24"x32"

Mark Galt
Petit Mal #2
brass, aluminum, steel, cold-cathode numerical display tube, electronics, 2019, 16"x7"x7"

Mark Galt
Perky Words with Miss Bouffant
wood, acrylic paint, electronics, 2015, 48"x36"x10"

Frank Gammon
Concord, Massachusetts, 2018
digital photograph, 2018, 15"x21"

Marvin L. Granlund
American Cooking - Creole and Acadian (Time Life Series circa 1970)
collage, 2019, 38"x27"x1"

Melanie Gravois
Every Woman
oil and mixed media on canvas, 2019, 10"x10"

Ralph Greenberg
The Shrine Couple, Japan
digital photograph, 2015, 22"x17"

Judy Hart
mixed media on wood, 2018, 30"x30"

Diane Heron
acrylic on canvas, 2019, 60"x36"

Ralf Hillebrand
The World on the Sidewalk,
Oakland, California

photograph/inkjet print, 2018, 40"x56"

Sharon Hind-Smith
Homeless by the Tracks
watercolor, 2019, 16"x20"

Carl Hoard II
Cause and Return: a Warming Planet
Reflection Canyon, Glen Canyon, Utah 2019

digital photographic image on aluminum, 2019, 20"x30"

Ann Holsberry
Kelp Forest 1
cyanotype on paper, 2018, 72"x38"

Craig Hong
We’re Out of Demiglace
acrylic on canvas, 2019, 42"x50"x1.5"

Archana Horsting
River Run
oil stick on paper, 2018, 40"x32"

Addie Jenkins
Roof Light
digital photograph, 2017, 24"x28"

Packard Jennings
ATM (We Launder Cartel Money Here)
plastic, 2019, 4"x2"

Packard Jennings
ATM (We Launder Cartel Money Here) installation, Mexico City, June, 2019
digital photograph, 2019, h"xw"xd"

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