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They’ve done it again! After eight months of planning, our Operating Committee moved into high gear this past month bringing us to opening night and our month long exhibition. I am so grateful for their many talents and their dedicated support.

Committee member Dan McNevin of TMG Partners loves finding a space for us each year. Don’t you, Dan? Our volunteer coordinators, Linda Boyd, Pam Mendelsohn, Frances Gaston and Mary Judd keep all the volunteers, and their assignments, running smoothly. The reception team of Jean Goldman, Albert Repola and Kurt Brinkman coordinate the many details that continue to make opening night the hottest ticket in town. Members Dan Carlevaro, Kava Massih, Dick Kassis, Elyse Klaidman and Gwen Souza step in wherever needed. Marella Pedersen continues in our office, Shane Clabaugh works his magic with our reception donors and Linda Boyd (yes, again) takes care of too many additional details to enumerate. Did I mention our over 100 volunteers? The doors don’t open without them. Thank you all.

With a particularly broad breadth of artistic styles and mediums this year, Curator Paul Tomidy had his work cut out for him. His depth of experience and his aesthetic sensibilities have brought order to such diversity, guiding the viewer to see, perhaps, in new ways. It has been a joy for me to work with designer Suzanne Anderson. Her vibrant graphic design for the 24th Annual brings the arts center stage in Emeryville this fall. Publicist Genevieve Antaky equally generates high visibility for us in the Bay Area. “Like-ing”, “friend-ing”, “tweet-ing” — stick with us Genevieve, we’ll get there. It is a pleasure for me to work with such professionals.

The loyal support of our donors is sincerely appreciated and, in such challenging times for us all, that appreciation is significantly magnified. Such generosity includes BRE Properties with their contribution of our exhibition space. This helped our installation flow so smoothly this year. As always, the exhibition would not be possible without the continued support of our City Council through their generous grant and also the many, large and small, ways in which we enjoy the cooperation of department heads and city staff alike.

In the past year, we welcomed the formation of the Emeryville Center for the Arts and its Director, Sheila Bergman. And I, personally, said good-bye to my sister, Robin Larsen. Described as “a force of nature for the arts” by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, her legacy to the arts and her community of New Hope will continue to inspire me.

It’s October in Emeryville — it must be the Emeryville Annual. Be our guests and enjoy the best of our arts community.

Sharon Wilchar
Project Coordinator