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© 2010 Emeryville Celebration of the Arts


The 24th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition continues as a celebration of the arts that offers a rich vitality to this city. This show features 94 artists who live or work in Emeryville. Many mediums as well as diverse directions are presented.

As I work inside the production of this event, it reminds me of a great community feast. It is a grand tradition that so many look forward to and help create. There are many different tastes and new recipes cooked up and presented here. There are numerous behind the scene helpers who plan, build, present and fund this great feast. And as always there are new and longstanding people showing their creations.

This is a juried show. Mina Dresden, owner of the Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco and Steve Pon, Gallery Exhibitions Supervisor, SFMoMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco served as guest jurors in joining me to view and select the work for the show. Most of the art we saw in person in studio visits. Sharon Wilchar, Project Coordinator, put all the complex pieces together, as she has for so many years. The Emeryville Exhibition operating Committee, along with many donors, volunteers and the cooperation of the City of Emeryville all came forward marvelously to produce this event. And then it all looks so grand and easy and the artwork and festivities shine.

Paul Tomidy
Exhibition Curator