It’s our Thirtieth Anniversary Exhibition and our annual October caravan has found a temporary home this year in the heart of our city’s Arts’ District … and we love it! As several artists remarked about the 2016 site, “It’s like old times”. In fact, twelve of our exhibiting artists this year were in that very first show in 1987!

But old times and new times for us continue to depend on the support of the City of Emeryville, our generous business community, dedicated Board and Advisory Committee members, our strong and growing arts community and over 100 volunteers each contributing their particular energy and expertise. Reception chair, Laura Anderson, passed the baton this year and we're still juggling to catch it. Committee members Frances Gaston and Albert Repola with volunteers Shane Clabaugh, and John Bauters are stepping up for the reception. Laura, we will miss you and you can see how many it's taking to fill the void. Committee member Kurt Brinkman has stepped down after many years of overseeing the opening night bar. Thank you, Kurt, for all of your past hard work for us year round. A welcome to our committee to Kelly Grace with her fresh take on our event. We like that energy! Jean Goldman, Kava Massih, Lauren Merker, Gwen Souza and Dan Carlevaro continue their many years of work for our events as committee members. Several of our members wear many different hats. We run on volunteers and Pam Mendelsohn, Frances Gaston and Linda Boyd are our heroes in keeping this department running smoothly. Finally, behind the scenes and propping us all up technically, graphically and organizationally, Linda Boyd. Thank you to all of you. Without you, it just wouldn't happen.

Emeritus, “honorably retired from assigned duties”. Board member emeritus Ken Schmier served on our Board of Directors for twenty years starting in 1989. It appears he decided to come out of retirement for us this year, single handedly securing our site. But wait, there’s more! He then applied his many years of experience in successfully envisioning what a space can be and provided the muscle to get us there.

For all of the great professionals working with me this year, especially Kathleen Hanna, Amy Nathan and Genevieve Antaky, your patience may have been tested; I’m sure, with our crazy accelerated schedule after finding a space so late but each of you kept me going with your enthusiasm and faith in the project. Curator Kathleen Hanna is simply amazing. One hundred twenty five artists, 160 pieces of work and a different space each year, magically she figures it all out but always, always with such care to the artists and to their work. Of course it isn't magic at all but her depth of curatorial experience and practice. Amy Nathan, with her strong, sophisticated graphic, color palette and design sense has created a memorable “30” for our big anniversary while publicist Genevieve Antaky continues to develop new avenues for spreading word of our vibrant Emeryville art scene.

An enormous thanks to our site donors Amanda Kobler and Yusufu Q. Bomani of 1550 Park LLC. Thank you for saying "yes"! We wish you great success with your future plans for this property. Appreciation also to City of Emeryville City Council members for your continued support and a special thank you this year to City Manager Carolyn Lehr, Economic Development and Housing Manager Chadrick Smalley, Public Works Director Maurice Kaufman and the entire public works crew, as well as Amber Evans and Marcy Greenhut.

A few new things on the horizon – A proposal for a gallery space that might provide a permanent venue for our organization and programs in the Arts’ District's Sherwin Williams development. Additionally, a renewed interest in the Emeryville Center for the Arts has placed that project actively back in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan, a potential site for our Emeryville Annual as well as many more cultural events and programs.

It’s a big, beautiful show this year. Take your time and see it all. The arts are truly alive and well in Emeryville!

Sharon Wilchar
Project Coordinator